• Parker
    Web Developer
    Based in Southern California

About Me

My name is Parker Rebensdorf and I was born and raised in Southern California. I'm a longtime tech nerd and have now turned that passion into a career. I'm primarily a backend developer but I certainly enjoy the front as well. I absolutely love solving problems and is the main reason have chosen to get into this field. Below are some of my main interests/hobbies.


I absolutely love TV and movies. Netflix or the theater are my go-to's whenever I'm bored. I like just about every genre but sci-fi or anything with Denzel Washington or Robert De Niro is always a good pick.

Video Games

I started back on the SNES and never really stopped. Currently I play Overwatch, some Fortnite and ocassionally the Civilization series.

Building Computers

I love building PC's ever since I built my own back in 2011. Now anytime someone I know, friend or relative, wants a new computer they come to me. I enjoy trying to pick out the best parts for thier budget and usage needs while simultaneously making it be at least a little aesthetically pleasing.

Learning About Tech

Whenever I'm on YouTube I always end up learning about technology, be it as simple as a review of a new smartphone or learning how harddisks actually work. Of course now though, I usually end up exploring a new programming technology or concept.

My Applications


A custom meal planner for the
indecisive among us.




An all-in-one hiking planner.



Nature Connect

A digital recreation of the classic board game,
with a little twist.




Ding is a simple meal planning app that removes the difficulty of deciding what meals you actually want to make. Just sign up, add a few preferences or restrictions, pick a number of meals to make and you are off to the races.

trailMix is an all-in-one hiking planner. Pick a location and a date and you'll get trails, directions and weather for the area. All you need for your next outdoor adventure!

A nature-themed, digital recreation of the classic tabletop game with a slight twist. Start the game with only one player named and see if you can beat the AI!